Expiration Date.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if the world were perfect. If Adam and Eve would’ve never sinned eons ago. Nothing and no one in this world would have an expiration date. Forever would exist. Above all, I imagine our “first love” being our only love and we would both know it the moment we locked eyes with one another. But then I always snap into reality and think, eventually someone would sin and we would be stuck exactly where we are right now in the world. Wishful thinking should be deadly and since this is not real life. I guess I’ll speak on that now…

With no wedding ring, no one person is truly yours, they are just your turn. From strangers to friends to lovers to strangers again. The circle of love. These realizations are the hard parts of life. We, as humans, have no idea our time limit on earth unlike we do when looking at a carton of milk or know some science related BS…like the lifespan of a caterpillar. Therefore, we must make the most out of our time here. When it comes to love, stop wasting time with others. Whether you just want to have sex, or looking for a relationship…be up front about it. 


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