“In the Mean Time” Girl

I’m fed up, entirely. Sick of niggas who think they can talk to you for however long, make you feel attached, then when they see someone else who really catches their eye, they drop you like a bad habit. What type of unethical selfish satanic shit is that? Who raised y’all?

Y’all will literally talk to this girl and do everything a relationship consists of but never get with her. But the flipping nanosecond a new girl comes around, she’s your girlfriend. Yeah. Right. Okay.

The mind blowing part is, y’all play the role so well. The “in the mean time” girl who really down for yo ass and been there through ya ups and downs is just overlooked the minute you see something you think is better. Not everything that glitters is gold hunny.

And for anyone reading this and thinking “well I’m sure he gave the signs that he didn’t want to be in a relationship with the in the mean time girl”…do me a favor, save that BS. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Niggas could receive an Oscar award because the way y’all act is impeccable. You put on a facade like this is what you want. Like you’re all in. But no. You too fake enough to tell her what it is and what it isn’t. A real one will be honest with you from the JUMP and give you the option of whether or not you want to continue talking.

What looks good may not always be good for you, and girls like that come a dime a dozen. A good one is rare. F* up if you want to.


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