Reverse Reverie

This is not a New Year, New Me post. I’ve been working on myself for a few weeks now and I’m continuing this transition into 2017. This post is a reminder of all the things I’ve set free and the new light I’m walking in. I went through hell and back this year, and despite everything, I somehow continue to still find the good.

Things I learned this year:

  1. What you think is permanent, is temporary to God. Don’t hold on to things that weigh you down. Anything that tries to steal your happiness, leave it alone. Anything you have to force, leave it alone. Relationships, friendships, etc. Let all dead things go.
  2. It’s okay to hurt. It’s okay to feel. It’s okay to cry. The joy that’s underway will trump any pain you feel now.
  3. Healing takes time.
  4. Surround yourself around people who can see you at your best. Make sure you trust them enough to see you at your worst.
  5. You don’t give up on someone you love. Ever.
  6. The path you are traveling may occasionally have detours but that’s okay. What’s important is getting to your destination. Walk by faith, that’s all you need.
  7. Let go of grudges and petty things.
  8. The art of restoring is not easy but worth it. Life will break you down but you must build yourself back up. It won’t happen overnight. Never rush the process. Trust it. Whatever you go through is meant to strengthen you. Learn from it. Fail fast, but finish strong.

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