ADW Feels…

“I wanna be your one and only, Dwayne. You ready for that?”

On move in day of my freshman year in college, my mama said “this is the place where a lot of hormones rage.” My exact thought was “girl why are you telling me this.” A few months later, I came across a girl, whom later down the road became a sister to me, who insisted on giving her 2cents about females and relationships at a relationship 101 meeting held by some org on campus (sorry can’t remember everything). However, I do remember her saying, “girls come to college expecting to meet the guy they are going to marry.” At that moment, my thoughts were yelling “WTF, NOT ALL GIRLS.” Honestly, my mind was no where near the place of a guy. I was worried about finding a major, having fun with friends, or whether my twist out would turn out like the girls on YouTube. A guy was far from my mind…until the day Netflix added A Different World to their collection. My roommate and I binge watched all six seasons, and once we were done, we re-watched our favorite episodes. #FACT. The part that really sucked me in was the iconic relationship between Dwayne and Whitley. For a better lack of words, it was so perfect and no where near happening in my life.

Watching the show over and over, made me realize I wanted to be in a relationship. I know it all sounds corny to get the idea from something made up and on television but the characters were so authentic, and genuine. I wanted a Dwayne, and hoped I could find someone who appreciated and loved me as much as he did Whitley. But I soon learned, patience is everything and if you rush or force something that is not ready or meant for you, you will only hurt yourself. If your mentality is to come to college in hopes of finding the man you will marry, just pray to God or to whomever your belief lies. He may not come in college, but he’s somewhere working on himself, so he can be perfect for you. Don’t sweat it sis. Enjoy your 4 year(or more) experience; remember — whatever is meant for you is already yours. In due time.


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