Who am I?

I’m a city girl with big dreams. I got a big heart and an even bigger appetite. I collect quotes and put them on sticky notes. I hang them on the walls of my apartment. I’m stubborn. I’m nice, and I can be mean if you try me. I’m an only child but I have sisters. I would go crazy for any of them. I keep money on my mental. I lay low and mind my own business. I’m an independent lil lady. I talk to God about the people I love. I talk to God about people who don’t love me. I fake stress when I’m lost. I cry when I can’t find the words. I write when I have a lot on my mind. I love hard but,

I’m also a cold piece

I shut down when I’m overwhelmed with emotions until…

I no longer can feel any emotion

But despite being cold, I’m always gonna be a good woman. My intentions are pure, my heart is good, my mind is golden. I don’t let no one define me but myself. I’m 1 of 1. I got stability in my actions, and success at my doorstep.  I learn from every lesson in life and keep pushing. I may fall six times, but I will get up on the seventh. I bounce back from every L. I appreciate every W. I love my life. I love who I am. 


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