My kind of love…

My love is overwhelming. My love is exciting. My love is therapeutic. My love is understanding. My love is strong. My love is passionate. My love is intimate. My love is young. My love is kind. My love is messy but creative. My love is forgiving. My love is innovative. My love is the love you yearn for at 3am when you need to vent so i answer and listen to your problems until you feel at ease. My love is going out my way for you. My love is asking God to guide you in the right direction when you feel low or confused. My love is having others look out for you when I’m not around. My love is paying attention to the little things no one else notices. My love is enjoying every flaw you hate because it’s every part I love. My love is everlasting because it lingers on and on. My love is for any person I come across who deserves this kind of love. My love is one of one.


One thought on “My kind of love…

  1. Finally something positive and for that reason probably my favorite post. Curious to know if you have ever been in love before because I thought I was in love when I was younger but i was missing one thing. The same thing you seem to be missing in your list.


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